Picture of mural designed by secondary school level students
for the Gift of Art project in 2010-2011
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Painting a New World (PNMW) supports the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity
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Registration for the Gift of Art project begins September 1, 2011

The Gift of Art is an art and collaboration project for youth, educators and community. It is an art project designed for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges which engages students by using murals for expression and fundraising on a theme proposed by Painting A New World (PNMW).

The yearly themes are based on United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (UNDB) 2011-2020. PNMW and Kiangure Springs Initiative are in partnership with UNDB and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD - click here). PNMW provides international aid through the Gift of Art project to Kiangure Springs Initiative in Kenya who under the community empowerment employ local artists to paint murals on school walls while engaging and educating children about their environment and future.  PNMW has successfully implemented the International mural project in Chad where we now have one mural at the Holy Flame School of N'Djamena.

The theme this year is Saving our Marine and Coastal ecosystem through art.  

The principal goals of the project are that students learn about important humanitarian and environmental issues and illustrate their creativity on their mural.  Ten outstanding murals produced by primary students, and ten by secondary and college students will be selected for the Awards contest.

Throughout the development of the mural, teachers and students will create opportunity to collaborate with local merchants and businesses to sponsor their artwork thereby contributing directly to the aid of local and international communities.

Fifty percent of the funds raised from the project is kept by the schools to be directed to local art and education projects of their choice, and the other fifty percent of the funds is submitted to PNMW for international aid.

Getting Started:

1. Fill out the Gift of Art registration form by clicking on the "Sign-up" button below.
The registration fee is $100.00 and a cheque can be mailed to :  Painting a New World209 Des Melezes, Pincourt, QC J7V9V4

2.  Receive an ‘ art kit package ‘ upon registration that includes:  1 (54 x 64 in.) canvas, 15 assorted brushes, and 6 tubes of acrylic paint and instructions about the project and contest rules.

3. Compose images, design, paint and complete the mural. The date to complete the mural is March 15, 2012.

4. Raise funds by finding a sponsor in your community to purchase your mural for a minimum of $500.00 or have a company’s logo incorporated on the mural for $1000.00 and / or collect an equivalent of $1.00 per each student in your school (refer to project guidelines for more information). The time frame to raise funds is from date of registration to March 15, 2012.

5. Fill out the fundraising form with the names of local art and education projects the school chooses to support with 50% of the raised funds. A photo and text of the mural and fundraising form must be submitted to PNMW by March 15, 2012 in order to be considered for the finalists selection. 

6. PNMW will notify the 10 finalists for the primary schools and the 10 finalists for the secondary schools and colleges on or before April 6th, 2012. 

7. Each school will forward a cheque representing 50% of the raised funds to PNMW for international aid and the remaining 50% of the funds will be directed to their chosen local art and education projects.

8. The announcement of the Gift of Art winners and presentation of awards will be celebrated at ‘Painting a New World Annual Event’ on April 27th 2012 at the Leonardo da Vinci Cente.

The outcome of the 2010-2011 Project:


Painting A New World (PNMW) is a non-profit organization founded by artists Agnes and André Chatelain.  We believe that art has the power to create positive change for the benefit of communities locally and in developing countries.

For further information contact Agnes or André Chatelain, the founders of
Painting a New World and creators of The Gift of Art project.

Tel:  514-902-1219     Cell:  514-249-3343

Email:  agnesjorgensen@pnmwf.com     andrechatelain@pnmwf.com

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